Youtube is an amazing thing. Not only can you watch hours of people falling off of trampolines, you can find an endless stream of educational material. I’ll post links here when they seem applicable. Rest assured that any info absorbed from them will only enhance the experience of being in Italy and visiting these places.

Since we’ll be beginning our trip in Rome with a tour of the Vatican, I’ll start with this one- part 1 (of 7) of an Italian program chronicling the history of St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s long and it’s in Italian with subtitles, but it’s really good and it will catch you up on the fairly complicated history of the Roman Catholic faith and one of the worlds most fascinating buildings. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Mr. Stromberg, are you telling me that Peter’s bones are really down there?” Watch for yourself. Part 1 is posted here- follow the link to youtube to watch the other 6 parts. Enjoy-